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Welcome to the IDTTS Class Resource page.

On this page you will find general resources for IDTTS classes in general and any specific resources needed for a class.

Latest Classes

Check out our newest class, Excel for Beginners. This class covers all of the basics to complete a useful Excel spreadsheet. This class is geared for both teachers and paraprofessionals. Click on Request a Class to reserve this class for your teachers.

General Resources

Checking Grades
Go to the ISU HomePage then select MyISU. At the next screen, enter your social security number for the ISU ID and your birth month and year for the PIN number.


Webpage Design for Teachers- Front Page

Teacher Websites
Word Scramble
Red star
White Star
Image Map

Webpage Design for Teachers- Pubisher

momswho.doc whatnew.doc
Graphics/Clip Art and Sound Sites

Excel for Beginners

Excel Websquest
Civil War Battles
Guess My Function
Compound Interest Volume
Internet Resources for Excel lesson plans and data sites
Blue Devil Candy Store TeAchnology Exponential Fit LT Technologies


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