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Summer Sale

IDTTS is having a Summer Sale. Have a professional development class in June, July, August and save ten percent!

Latest Classes

Check out our newest class, Excel for Beginners. This class covers all of the basics to complete a useful Excel spreadsheet. This class is geared for both teachers and paraprofessionals. Click on Request a Class to reserve this class for your teachers.

New class format! We now have one day classes available. All of the courses can be made into a one day (6 hours) class. Professional developement credit can't be offered with these classes, but you can use the time toward a single credit.


Two Day Classes ( Professional Developement credit available)

New Prices for classes that are paid for by the school district:
8-15 people: $1,200
16-20 people: $1,500
20-25 people: $1,750
This price includes all materials, snacks, hotel and mileage (if necessary).

ISU professional development credits are separate and are now $50.00.

Classes that are being paid for by each teacher are $80 per person plus the optional ISU credit .

Single Day classes

8-15 people: $800
16-20 people: $1,000
21-25 people: $1,250

Extra Fees

For classes that are held on non-consecutvie days (two different Saturdays or two different Fridays) there will be an extra $50 fee to cover the extra mileage.

Custom Classes

The fee for a completely custom class (one not listed on the course list) is $200.

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