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Internet Course Descriptions

Class Objectives

Internet Integration

Think of all the information that is available to you and your students on the Internet. Do you feel overwhelmed. My internet integration class will provide you with four ways to safely and effeciantly get your students on the internet

Particpants will be able to:

  • Search the Internet more effectively
  • Integrate the Internet four ways:
    • Using Word documents
    • Using PowerPoint
    • Using Bookmarks


Basic Webpage Design Using FrontPage or Publisher

Have you always wanted your own website but don't have any idea what to do? The Basic Webpage Design using FrontPage or Publisher is what you need. IDTTS can also teach a basic course in Dreamweaver.

Participants will be able to:

  • Create basic web pages including
    • Adding tables
    • Adding graphics
    • Adding and changing text
    • Adding background image
    • Adding links

Basic Internet Refresher

Do your students know more about navigating the Net than you do? Then this course is for you. Learn all of the basics of the web.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the various parts of the web browser
  • Add bookmark/favorites
  • Download graphics and sounds
  • Change the views
  • Use the Option Features
  • Use search engines
  • Discuss and use the different add on software for multimedia content
  • Safety issues
  • Instant messengers
  • Photo albums
  • Identify Social Networking sites

Webquest Wonders

This stand alone class (part of it is in the Internet Integration course) is designed to give you a detailed look at Webquests, a guided tour of websites based on a specific topic. These easy to create tours offer a terrific way to have students use the internet without going where they shouldn't. These are also easy enough to create that your students can create their own.

Participants will be able to:

  • Create Webquests- a wonderful way to have students safely and effeciently use the web to learn.



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