Idaho Technology Training Service. Excell for Beginners Webquest.Challis Idaho March 2 and 3

The Process

Visit each of the sites listed below to answer each question, write the answers on your worksheet.

What is a spreadsheet?

This is also a nice basic tutorial. Look it the first couple of pages

What is the difference between a spreadsheet and a database?

How did spreadsheets come about?

Why Should I Use Spreadsheets (Excel) in the Classroom?

This states the pros and cons of using spreadsheets: Excel in the Classroom

ISTE Standards

NCTM Standards

National Science Standards (You will have to scroll down to chapter 6 to get to the student standards.)

Idaho Standards (Select a subject from the lists at the right to

Where can I find ideas for student projects?

LT Technologies

Everything You Need for Using Spreadsheets in the Classroom

Center for Technology and Teacher Eductation, Univeristy of Virgina

East Ramapo Instructional Technology Spreadsheet Activities

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